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SMA Students

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LIU, Chengcheng
Year of Entry: 2008
Programme & Degree: CSB - Ph.D.

Email: g0801976@nus.edu.sg
Research: New Methods to Study Proline-rich Disordered Regions and Their Structural Ensembles in Protein Signaling Pathways
Singapore advisor: Christopher Hogue (NUS DBS)
MIT advisor: Michael Yaffe (MIT Biol)

Previous degree: B.Sc (Computation & System Biology)
Previous University: National University of Singapore
NG, Yu-Jin, Alvin
Year of Entry: 2006
Programme & Degree: CSB - Ph.D.

Email: R060002@e.ntu.edu.sg
Research: Modeling Drug Responses from High Content Images
Singapore advisor: Jagath Rajapakse (NTU CS)
MIT advisor: Roy Welsch (MIT Sloan School)
Previous degree: B.Sc & B.Eng; M.Sc
Previous University: Monash University; University of Wales, UK
SRIDHARAN, Aishwarya
Year of Entry: 2008
Programme & Degree: CSB - Ph.D.

Email: g0801970@nus.edu.sg
Research: Study of Dengue Infection in a Humanized Mouse Model
Singapore advisor: Martin Hibberd (GIS)
MIT advisor: Chen Jianzhu (MIT Biology)
Previous degree: B.Tech (Biotechnology)
Previous University: Anna University
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